donderdag 29 augustus 2013

I Think I Need A Barber!


I'm so excited! I cut my hair hecka short WHAAAAAA! =D

Imma start of with the pictures


Really went through with it. Now I know for sure that I don't have any relaxed ends or heat damage. I'm sure I didn't have any but I like to really KNOW things, otherwise it just doesn't feel right. It still cracks me up that I can see my scalp in full effect haha. Yesterday (27-08-'13) I went to the barber shop with my cousin. Clyde, the barber, did such a good job!! He really took his time to hook me up! First he did what was necessary because it really had NO shape whatsoever. After that I decided that I had to cut it real short to be satisfied. Knowing myself I would have kept thinking about the possibility of heat damage. Yeah I'm an overthinker and ain't nobody got time to think that much about hair.

See how I tried to slick down my baby hurrs. They look extra shiny lmao!

This is what my hair looked like the day before just after washing. I only have conditioner in it.

 I think I will be back at this lenght in about 3 months. But we'll see how it goes. It's not a competition of how fast it can grow or how long it can get. As I said before, I'm going to enjoy and embrace every step of this journey :)

What do you think about my hair? Have you recently cut your hair? Let me know! 


Lots of Love

Varishta Shireen♥

vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Hair: TWA Update

Hi Lovelies!

I'm back with a hair update. It's been almost a month since my big chop and my hair is hecka dry! Lawdy, all I do is co-wash, moisturise and seal, and tie it up in a scarf. I don't even want to deal with it lol. I've noticed that I have a lot of straight pieces in my hair. I don't know if it's still relaxer left in my hair or "heat damage". Because when I had my weave installed (before my big chop) they blowdried it for no reason because it was already straight. And it was hot as fudge -_- I didn't mind because I was over my hair at that stage. But that might be the reason why it's straight. And I'm not feeling it at all. Feels like my big chop isn't complete.

So I've been thinking about doing a second big chop. Just cut it real short, maybe a fade, and start fresh. I know that I will not like it that short. But at this stage in my life I just don't care anymore. People will judge you anyway. They judge when your hair is long, they judge when it's short, they judge when it's relaxed, they judge when it's natural, they judge when you wear a weave. So imma do what I want and don't care about the rest. I know what I want and this is a step that I'll have to do. Like Shameless Maya says: "Do You BOO" ;)

This time I'll go to a barber shop with my cousin. I think they know their way with clippers better (my opinion). If I'm honest I want to do it tomorrow but I don't want to go on my own and wait the whole day until somebody decides to come and help me. I'd rather go with my cousin and get helped right away, because they know him. But I think I'm gonna do it after my birthday. Should be an interesting experience.

Lots of Love

Varishta Shireen♥