zaterdag 28 september 2013

One Year anniversary of my Hairjourney!!

Hi Beauties!

Can you believe it's a year since the start of my hair journey?? Read here how it all started. Crazy to think that it was my goal to have BSL (bra stap lenght) hair by this time. If you would have told me that I would cut off all of my hair I would've looked at you with a side-eye lmao! Funny to see how things and goals change with time. I love how I started my (relaxed) hair journey on September 28th 2012, did my Big Chop on July 27th 2013 and then my "second" Big Chop on August 28th 2013. All the big changes were around the same date!

1 month post (second) big chop

Now it has been 2 months, seems so much longer already, since my big chop. And I'm started to feel the cold breeze on my head! So I'm on the hunt for cute beanies, hats, whatever looks cute and keeps my head warm. I might just pull my wig out of my closet and rock her too.

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How long have you been on your hairjourney?

Lots of Love

Varishta Shireen♥